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Airgas Hawaii

Metal & Filler Metal Basics

Cutmaster 30+ Basics

Reviews the key selling points, features, and specifications of the Cutmaster 30+.

Warrior 300i Basics

Reviews basic information and specifications for the Warrior 300i.

RobustFeed AVS Basics

Provides details on the selling points and benefits of the RobustFeed AVS.

EM 210 & EMP 210 Basics

Rebel Family Basics

Basic product knowledge course for Rebel Family of machines

Cutmaster Family

Basic knowledge course for Cutmaster family of machines.

Rogue Family Basics

Basic knowledge course for Rogue family of machines.

Welding Joints for Automotive Fabrication

Gouging & Exothermic Equipment Webinar

Provides an overview of the gouging and exothermic cutting processes and our equipment.

Filler Metals

Welding Products

Welding Process

Welding: Basics

Arc Gouging


Gas Equipment: Handles, Torches, & Tips

Gas Equipment: Gas Control & Regulators

Gas Equipment: Basics