In automated plasma cutting, automated gas control improves efficiency by allowing quick changeovers between cutting & marking operations by recalling pre-saved programs. Using an automated gas device can also improve parts life as the optimum parameters are consistently used with no set-up errors.

The Automatic DFC-3000 (Digital Flow Control) by Thermal Dynamics was engineered to work with the high-precision Ultra-Cut systems that come in 100, 200, and 300 Amp models. The DFC-3000 consists of (3) independent modules, each performing a critical function.


The TSC-3000 offers the only Touch Screen Controller in the plasma industry today. The interface allows operators to quickly choose one of potentially thousands of stored programs and start cutting by touching the green “Go” button. Future software upgrades can be made through the standard USB port. The module can be mounted where it is most accessible to the operator. In applications where PLCs are used to control the operation, the TSC-3000 is optional.


The DMC-3000 functions as the central manifold for all incoming gases. Having (7) inputs and (5) outputs, this unit enables which gas will be used according to the program selected. Having a small footprint (7″x12.2″x13.7″), the module can be placed on top of the power supply or mounted to a gantry.


With the gasses selected, the DPC-3000 (Digital Pressure Control) controls/maintains gas flows and pressures needed to optimize the cutting process. The unit is normally mounted within 4’ of the cutting torch to minimize time to switch between processes.


This automated Digital Flow Control system reduces set up time, minimizes set up errors, provides consistent performance, and offers the industry’s only touch screen controller for easy set up and operations. For more information, visit us at or call 866.279.2628.

Last modified: Monday, July 15, 2019, 8:57 AM